My hoarded urls are all too problematic to use

I saw him today when I was walking our dog and he said hi to her but not me. He knows mindy by name because he’s friendly to my roommate but not when I’m there which makes me suspect that he’s interested in my roommate but might think we’re together. His dogs are very cute and well trained which I’m pretty salty about. The other day when I was walking her there was a cute guy walking his dog too but mindy got too excited about seeing another dog and she peed on his foot :(

I have this gay neighbor with a very loud voice and I always have to hear him when he has passing exchanges with our other neighbors, like those things you say to people you have nothing to say to like have a good day/nice to see you but not me! not that I even participate in that sort of thing but I’m the only one in the building who he doesn’t talk to. It’s truly some hashtag #gaydrama like the first time we crossed paths he just looked me up and down, gave me a fake smile, decided he didn’t like me in just 2 seconds. I knew and he knew. I think a lot of gay guys do that, like deciding how they feel about other people instantly after meeting them? But also it’s possible I’m just socially crippled and I create enemies from nothing

Damn I haven’t had any reason to feel like I need to clear my history in a long ass time and I realized today that the only letters on the keyboard that won’t lead you somewhere gay when you type them into the address bar are Y, O, A, and Z

I’m so over having to sell clothes and shoes and shit and I wanna do something else but what other type of work that I’m qualified for right now will allow me to continue giving #looks on the reg? I’m still establishing my summer aesthetic I can’t work anywhere that gives me a uniform

you wouldn’t believe how many straight guys buy this shirt though. right??? might as well be buying a shirt that says hunty on it

at work this guy was talking to his friend about how much effort would be necessary in the way they dress for this thing they were going to that night and he gave the most boring description of his outfit. he was like “I’m just gonna wear like a dress shirt and nice jeans and nice shoes”




that’s such a pokemon battle stance lol i love it. “Lady Kim wants to battle”. does anyone else see it? 

It’s been a tough lesson to learn but San Antonio is just NOT a high potential city for finding a sugar daddy so I’m setting new goals I’ll just have to find myself a DL thug boyfriend who can get me good weed