nicki’s video for anaconda gives me DK rap teas

I’m at a place called cooter brown’s saloon but the white people I’m here with are here to make fun of the other white people for being so white. 21st century America is so damn weird

I spotted some paraphernalia containing the word zeta in a neighbor’s car and my immediate response was that there might be a cartel member living near me but now I realize it probably has something to do with a sorority

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Things about food: I put like 7 fucking wings in a to-go box at b dubs like 3 nights ago and forgot to take it with me when we left and I’ve been remembering every day that I could be eating leftover wings (which are often better than first time around wings) and that’s a major loss but I made up for it when I had the depraved idea to top my bowl of chili with hot cheetos

Am I too sensitive? I’m pretty sure I’d be offended even if my immigration status didn’t have to be the worst and most depressing, discouraging, embarrassing, fucking awful problem I’ve ever had in life. Which I still have to worry about and think about every day! currently! Like my life is still really hard because of this. It’s this recurring thing where I share this information about myself with people and they then get the idea that I’ve given them permission to make fun of me for it

I love my manager and he’s my favorite white person that I’ve ever worked for but he’s honestly gotten too comfortable today he was like “you look so brown today” and then later he made a joke about me finally getting a green card

I don’t see you walking children in nature

I don’t see you walking children in nature

I’m at our old apartment doing some cleaning and I can’t wait to accidentally throw away all of my roommate’s animal print rugs and curtains

Who could even put up with such a squeaky bed when fucking. This is so over the top. Either I’m boring or I just don’t know how truly bomb dick can be, but I can’t figure out how people can be so excited about the sex they’re having for it to be so loud and raucous!